Crypto Price Update, Monday 17 April 2023: Bitcoin Drops Below 30,000 US Dollars

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been observed to have moved earlier this week. The majority of top-of-the-line cryptos are in the red zone. According to CNBC, the price of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin fell 0.8 percent to $29,988, with a market capitalization of $580.9 billion. “Bitcoin held steady around the $30,000 … Read more

The Popularity Of The Web3 Industry Weakens In The US, Down 26% In The Last 5 Years

The drop comes amid the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency in global markets, which has now grown 8.62 percent to hit $1.2 trillion, outpacing shares of Wall Street banks that collapsed in the aftermath. of the Fed’s tightening. According to the “State of Crypto 2023” report by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, also known as … Read more

BUSD stablecoin supply hits lowest level in two years

NEW YORK – On Saturday (April 15, 2023), the number of BUSD stablecoins in circulation fell below 7 billion to 6.68 billion, the lowest number of BUSD in circulation since April 2021. It’s been a lot. Once one of the largest stablecoins, Binance USD (BUSD) remains the third largest dollar-pegged token. However, stablecoin issuer Paxos … Read more

DeFi Protocol Hundred Finance Diretas, Kerugian Capai 7 Juta Dollar AS

New York – multi-chain lending protocol hundred finance experienced a significant security breach on the ethereum blockchain layer 2 optimism. Hundred Finance said the loss due to the hack reached 7.4 million US dollars. Hundred Finance Protocol said it has contacted the hackers and is working with various security teams to deal with the incident. … Read more

The Cryptocurrency Market Has Been Advancing Since The Beginning Of 2023 And Indodax Has Added Features

As we enter 2023, the cryptocurrency market is seeing a very positive development. In terms of price, most crypto assets have risen after the declines of previous years. An example is Bitcoin, which rose 73.40% from January 1, 2023 to April 14, 2023. Similarly, coins and other major cryptocurrencies that saw significant gains, such as … Read more

Cryptocurrency Phishing Attacks Will Increase 40% In 2022

New York – When it comes to cyberattacks against cryptocurrency, criminals appear to have reduced their use of traditional financial threats, such as desktop malware and mobile banking, and have shifted their focus to phishing. Citing Cointelegraph, Russian cybersecurity and antivirus provider Kaspersky has revealed that cryptocurrency phishing attacks will grow 40% year-over-year by 2022. … Read more

This Series Of Cryptocurrencies Could Merge On The Second Weekend Of April 2023

The cryptocurrency market has seen positive and bullish signals. This allowed Bitcoin to reach a price of USD 30,000 or IDR 416 million (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 14,721 per USD). This is the highest Bitcoin price in 10 months. The release of US inflation data in a downward spiral also boosted the cryptocurrency … Read more

FTX Announces Plans To Revive FTT Cryptocurrency Price With A 24-Hour Surge Of 98%

New York – The FTT cryptocurrency has reportedly experienced a strong rally, reaching the price range of $2.66 in trading on Thursday (April 13, 2023). The price was up 9.87% in the last 24 hours alone, as the FTT of the previous trade was pegged at just $1,036. The price increase came after cryptocurrency trader … Read more

Crypto Exchange FTX Recovers $7.3 Billion In Assets

New York – Crashed crypto exchange FTX has recovered more than $7.3 billion in fiat and crypto assets. At a US Bankruptcy Court hearing on Wednesday (December 4, 2023), FTX’s lawyers said the amount increased by more than $800 million since January. FTX attorney Andy Dittderich spent months gathering resources with former FTX founder Sam … Read more